COAST Oatmeal Porter Debut/Growler Fills!!! (8/16)

August 15th, 2016

COAST Oatmeal Porter Growlers!!! (8/16)
This week we are bringing you a brand new, draft only beer, from COAST Brewing Co! These guys have always had a deft had at producing every style they venture into, but the hoppy stuff and the dark beers have been some of their most revered offerings. Tomorrow (8/16) we will be tapping our first keg of Oatmeal Porter @ Noon for growler fills! Oats are added to beer to provide a silky mouth-feel and a touch of body without adding any alcohol strength.  One of the best features of this Oatmeal Porter is that it is only 4.5% abv! That means you can comfortably enjoy a few pints without getting knocked out in this heat.  Hope to see you tomorrow!! 

Fruh Koslch Growler Fills!!! (8/9)

August 9th, 2016

Fruh Kolsch Growlers!!! (8/9)
More often than not we use our Tuesday feature spot to showcase a beer that pushes flavor extremes, or presents a lot of hops.  Sometimes we like to announce the arrival of a special production sour-type beer as the fan club for those is quite dedicated! This Tuesday (8/9) we are featuring a classic German beer style from a small brew-pub producer that previously has not been in SC.  Koslch, is made in the town of Koln Germany in several little brewpubs that dot the city. While they are traditionally all light golden and crisp-dry, there is house variation from brewery to brewery.  Fruh is one of the younger houses, started in 1904. Their style seems to be regal and more delicate with an appetizing herbal hop finish. We have a FRESH keg of this beer going on tap for growler fills @5pm!!! 

Dogfish Head Another Take #1 Imperial IPA Growlers!!! (7/26)

July 26th, 2016

Dogfish Head Alternate Take #1 Imperial IPA Growlers!!! (7/26)
For many of us our first Imperial IPA was a 90  minute from Dogfish Head. And, while that beer is always a go-to; the brewery continues to create new and delicious hoppy offerings! This Tuesday (7/26) we will be tapping our only small keg of Alternate Take #1 Imperial IPA @ 5pm for growler fills!! Alternate Take is a draft only IPA hopped with Idaho 7, Warrior, and Centennial Hops.  Expect a lush and evocative tropical fruit aroma, and a huge juicy flavor that is sure to make this IPA dangerously drinkable!  

Pig Pickin’ at The Macintosh w/ Holy City Brewing!!! 
After picking up a growler from CBX you should head over to The Macintosh for their Pig Pickin’ !! Our friend Jeremiah Bacon will be slow roasting a pig from Holy City Hogs in the courtyard this Tuesday (7/26).  Expect a plethora of sides, fresh bread and, dessert!  Live music from the Bluestone Ramblers will soothe you along. Buy tickets here.