Hi-Wire Enchanter Baltic Porter Growlers (2/9)

February 8th, 2016

Hi-Wire Enchanter Baltic Porter Growlers!! (2/9)

Historically very dark and strong beers were brewed to be shipped across the North Sea.  These rich and warming beers would have been much loved by the folks who live in the Baltic States.  During a cold journey and further slumber in cold cellars, the oak barrels would have imparted some wood character along with the beer lagering for some time. This results in a smooth and polished finish with notes of dark fruit and vanilla-tannin complexity. Hi-Wire, from Asheville NC has done a great job recreating these conditions and lagered (cold-stored) their Baltic Porter for 8 weeks on oak-spirals! Our only keg goes on tap @5pm this Tuesday!!  You know you want to warm up with this one!

Foothills Sexual Chocolate Bottles!! (2/9)

If you happened to miss the keg of Sexual Chocolate this past Friday, there is still some hope!  We have a VERY limited amount of bottles that will go on sale @5pm this Tuesday (2/9).  We will have to limit bottle purchases to 1 per person. We will not be shipping, holding, or doing any pre-pay stuff.  See you at 5pm!

Foothills Sexual Chocolate Growlers!!!

February 4th, 2016

Foothills Sexual Chocolate Growlers!! (2/5)

You heard that right!  Foothills Brewing Company has once again released their fantastic and luxurious imperial stout aged on cacao nibs!! Sexual Chocolate has been a beer world favorite since its first release, and it still garners a 100 point perfect score!!! We only receive one keg of this beauty a year, and it goes on tap tomorrow (2/5) @5pm sharp!  Due to the limited nature of this item we will only be selling 64oz per person.  All sales in person only, we are not able to do phone holds or pre-pays. See you at 5pm!!!

*We will only have 32oz and 64oz growler fills available tomorrow.*

Brewvival 2016!!! 

Tickets for Brewvival 2016 are still available, but running out!  Don’t blow your chance to attend one of the best beer festivals around!  Come join us from 12pm-5pm on Saturday 2/27 in the fields at COAST Brewing Company in North Charleston.  Tickets will run you $79.99 online at brewvival.com or for just $75 (CASH ONLY) here at CBX or at COAST.  Shuttle tickets are also available online.

Read about the changes to this year’s festival on the Brewvival blog.  We have some big surprises in store for you that we think you’ll love.  See you out there, rain or shine!!!

Dieu de Ciel! Disco Soleil Growlers!!! (2/2)

February 2nd, 2016

Dieu du Ciel Disco Soleil Growlers!! (2/2)
Dieu du Ciel! is a tiny brewery in Montreal that turns out some of the best beers we get!  Tomorrow, Tuesday (2/2) we will tap our only keg of Disco Soleil for growler fills at 5pm!! This 7.2% abv. IPA is made with the addition of kumquats.  Don’t be fooled, this IPA is still hoppy and boasts an appetizingly dry finish.  We didn’t get any bottles of this beer for this release, so a growler fill is the only way you’ll be able to take it home.  See you at 5pm!