COAST Boy King/Foothills Jade Growlers!!!

August 18th, 2014

COAST The Boy King/Foothills Jade Growlers (8/19)
You read that right!!  We have super fresh kegs of both of these beers and they will both be going on tap at opening (11am) on Tuesday (8/19) for growler fills of all sizes!!  COAST Brewing's The Boy King Double IPA is loaded down with tropical Citra hops and weighs in at 9.5% abv. Foothills Jade IPA features the renowned Pacific Jade hops from New Zealand and weighs in at 7.4%abv.  We will be filling growlers of these two wonderful IPAs all day long!!!  

Edmund's Oast Beer School!!! (September) 

Beer School will once again be led by Brandon Plyler, manager at The Charleston Beer Exchange and a Certified Cicerone. Classes can be purchased individually, or all together for a discounted price.Classes are on Monday evenings and start @6:30 pm.

  • Monday 9/8: Beer and Wood: Explore the modern day uses of wood in brewing, such as the effects of aging in wooden barrels that originally held exotic spirits and wines, and the introduction of oak chips or staves to the process. The role of wood in the production of sour ales will also be discussed. $35 Purchase Tickets Here
Monday 9/15: Beer and Cheese: Friends of Edmund’s Oast, goat.sheep.cow will delight with brand new pairings during this popular event. This round will feature exceptionally adventurous beer and cheese arrangements.$45 Purchase Tickets Here. 

Monday 9/22:  Grande Italiano: Italy is considered one of the most exciting brewing countries for its strange and often pricey bottled beers. This class will demystify the labels and open up a world of fascinating breweries many Americans have been hesitant to try.
$45 Purchase Tickets Here

Monday 9/29: German Purity Law: In honor of Oktoberfest, this class will dissect the famous Bavarian Reinheistgebot and explain its application to the international brewing industry. Guests will learn about classic styles and gain an appreciation for the highly skilled German brewer’s ability to create exciting beers with only 4 ingredients. $35 Purchase Tickets Here

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Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale Growlers (8/12)!!!

August 11th, 2014
We have waited for some time for this beer to finally show up in SC!!

Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale Growlers!!! (8/12)
Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale has been requested by our customers near and far. Sadly the answer has always been that this beer did not make it to SC.  Good news!!  This Tuesday (8/12) it all changes @5pm!!  We will begin filling growlers of all size with this highly requested 8.19% abv. beauty! This strong amber ale has been aged in freshly emptied bourbon barrels. Notes of caramel, vanilla, and oak grace this highly enjoyable and drinkable beer.  Bottles & glasses will also be available for sale!! 


Westbrook/CBX Citrus Ninja Exchange Extravaganza!!!

August 4th, 2014

Westbrook/CBX Citrus Ninja Exchange Extravaganza!!! (8/5)
Three years ago, we partnered up with our friends at Westbrook Brewing Co. to brew a Double IPA we knew our customers would go wild over!  This year's batch is surely the best yet, with more hops, more citrus, and a lean malt body!  Starting at 4:30pm, Tuesday (8/5), we will be filling all growler sizes of this fantastic beer!!

But wait, there's more!  Between the hours of 4:30pm – 6:30pm (8/5), we will also be offering free sample-tastes of this beer before you decide how much you want to buy.  Bottles (220z) will also be available for purchase!!