Brooklyn Brewmaster’s Reserve Quadraceratops Growlers!!! (1/27)

January 26th, 2015

Brooklyn Quadraceratops Growlers!!! (1/27)
This Tuesday (1/27) we will put our only keg of Brooklyn Quadraceratops on tap for growler fills @5pm!!!  This is the most recent release in Brooklyn's Brewmaster Reserve Series, a draft only, made once recipe! Belgian Quads, like Quadraceratops, are strong, dark, and complex with a brandy-like warmth. The weather forecast is predicting temperatures in the low 30s, we are predicting that a growler of this special beer is the perfect sipper!! See you soon! 

Lowcountry Sour Growlers!!! (1/13)

January 12th, 2015

Freehouse/River Dog Sour Growlers!!! (1/13)

Sour beer lovers rejoice!  This Tuesday (1/13) @ 5pm we will be tapping our only kegs of two delicious sour beers made here locally in the Lowcountry!!!  Freehouse Sourlina Peche is fermented with a strain of yeast cultured from SC peach skins, souring critters, and 420 lbs of SC peaches!  Another first; River Dog Raspberry Tart-er Sauce, a tart  Berliner Weisse made with raspberries, will also be on tap for growler fills of all sizes!!!

Omnipollo Nebuchadnezzar DIPA Growlers!!! (1/6)

January 5th, 2015

Omnipollo is a Swedish gypsy brewer. When he finds a place to brew at, he tends to focus his incredible ability & energy into IPAs and generally hoppy beers.  Nebuchadnezzar Double IPA is an explosive symphony of citrus and tropical fruit hop aromas!!  This lightly-filtered beer also sports a seriously appetizing bitter finish that pulls the drinker into the glass for another sip!!  This fantastic beer goes on tap Tuesday (1/6) @5pm sharp!!!  Don't miss out on this gem of an IPA!