COAST All Columbus Pale Ale Growlers/Free Glass Giveaway!!! (8/4)

August 3rd, 2015

COAST All Columbus Pale Ale Growlers/FREE Glassware Giveaway!!!(8/4)
This Tuesday (8/4) we will be tapping our only keg of COAST Brewing's All Columbus Pale Ale for growler fills @ 5pm!!!  More often than not, breweries will add a variety of hops for bittering, flavor, and aroma.  Believe it or not, it can actually be more challenging to produce a complex and flavorful beer just using one single hop type.  This Pale Ale follows a line of fantastic single hop beers from COAST, and is the first one to use Columbus. In the pantheon of American hops, this one is a frequent choice for many of the Pale Ales and IPAs that have converted thousands of drinkers  into hop-heads!  Our keg is just over a week old and we are antsy to get in on tap while it's still super fresh and pungent!!

But wait, there's more! Every 64 ounce growler fill will earn you a FREE COAST Brewing pint glass!!! *while supplies last*

Birds Fly South Ale Project Release!!! (7/28)

July 27th, 2015

Birds Fly South Ale Project Release!!! (7/28)
A new brewery has opened up shop in Greer SC, and they are doing some fairly exciting things!  The Birds Fly South Ale Project focuses on the philosophy of  rustic Belgian farmhouse style beers, along with a souring program.  With a little help from our mutual friend, Bob Sylvester of Saint Somewhere, and Thomas Creek, we have the pleasure of offering the first of what hopes to be many world-class offerings!  Starting @ 5pm this Tuesday (7/28), we will be tapping our small kegs of  Brand New Eyes Saison and Rustic Sunday Rye Saison for growler fills!! 

Notes from the brewerBrand New Eyes is a 5.5% saison simple grist, late hopped with Motueka to add some lemon notes and accentuate crispness. Keg conditioned with brux to continue evolving this farmhouse table beer. Rustic Sunday is a rye heavy saison 7% ABV and dry hopped exclusive with Hallertau Blanc. These hops add some dank notes with wine (Sauvignon blanc or muscadine) aromas as well.  Again it's brux'd condition as well. 

Freehouse Kiwi/Blueberry Sourlina Growlers!!! (7/21)

July 20th, 2015

Freehouse Kiwi Blueberry Sourlina Growlers!!! (7/21)

About this time last year we all fell in love with the Sourlina Peche (organic SC peaches), a beer fermented with wild local yeast, soured with lacto. We are very pleased to see the newest incarnation of this sour/local/organic concept from Freehouse! This year, Freehouse has upped their game with SC grown kiwi fruit and blueberries!! 

Here's their description: "Brewed with wild local yeast and lactobacillus, aged 6 months on organic SC kiwis, and then blended with freshly picked organic SC blueberries from Black Pearl Farms before packaging. A berry tart and refreshing native beer with a complex fruit profile, it bridges two seasons, fall and summer, to give you the best SC has to offer."

Tomorrow (7/21) we will put our only small keg of this beer on tap @ 5pm for grolwer fills. *Due to the limited nature of this beer we will be filling 32oz growlers only.*