Big Brewvival News:

Morning After Brewvival, Sunday Beer Breakfast!

(Special Note: This is a great opportunity for people who might have missed out on getting tickets to the main Brewvival festival…)

On Sunday 2/24, Brewvival proudly presents our first ever, morning after beer breakfast.  Join us for a breakfast feast created by Hominy Grill’s Robert Stehling and team paired with a plethora of beers from Dogfish Head, Sierra Nevada and COAST Brewing!  And of course that means that Sam Calagione, Ken Grossman, David Merritt and Jaime Tenny will be having breakfast with you!  This is Brewvival, after all.

Taking place in the GrowFood Carolina building on Morrison Drive in Downtown Charleston, this event will start at 10:00am and go until whenever.  It is going to be freely structured with food/beer paired stations to allow maximum flexibility and interactive time with your fellow been enthusiasts and professional brewer’s/brewery founders alike.  Each food station will feature multiple beer pairings from two or in some cases all three of the breweries.

Food and beverage will not be limited as you can revisit the stations as much as you like as long as you do so responsibly (on the beer side that is, you can be as irresponsible as you want with your food consumption).

Tickets are of course limited and will cost $45 each (plus online processing fees) and will only be available on the Brewvival website.  You must buy a ticket in advance.  There will be no day of sales/admissions without an advance purchased ticket.  And yes, of course this will sell out anyway so don’t wait on this.  This event will be limited to approximately 100 people.  It is an incredible, ground breaking opportunity.  How often can you eat breakfast with Sam, Ken, David and Jaime?  Lifetime bragging rights…

Tickets will go on sale within the next 24 hours and we’ll announce that on Facebook and Twitter (or just keep a keen eye on 

The menu specifics will be posted as soon as possible.  You can count on Robert and his team crafting some amazing breakfast themed dishes with beery twists!


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