Fruh Koslch Growler Fills!!! (8/9)

Fruh Kolsch Growlers!!! (8/9)
More often than not we use our Tuesday feature spot to showcase a beer that pushes flavor extremes, or presents a lot of hops.  Sometimes we like to announce the arrival of a special production sour-type beer as the fan club for those is quite dedicated! This Tuesday (8/9) we are featuring a classic German beer style from a small brew-pub producer that previously has not been in SC.  Koslch, is made in the town of Koln Germany in several little brewpubs that dot the city. While they are traditionally all light golden and crisp-dry, there is house variation from brewery to brewery.  Fruh is one of the younger houses, started in 1904. Their style seems to be regal and more delicate with an appetizing herbal hop finish. We have a FRESH keg of this beer going on tap for growler fills @5pm!!! 

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