COAST Oatmeal Porter Debut/Growler Fills!!! (8/16)

COAST Oatmeal Porter Growlers!!! (8/16)
This week we are bringing you a brand new, draft only beer, from COAST Brewing Co! These guys have always had a deft had at producing every style they venture into, but the hoppy stuff and the dark beers have been some of their most revered offerings. Tomorrow (8/16) we will be tapping our first keg of Oatmeal Porter @ Noon for growler fills! Oats are added to beer to provide a silky mouth-feel and a touch of body without adding any alcohol strength.  One of the best features of this Oatmeal Porter is that it is only 4.5% abv! That means you can comfortably enjoy a few pints without getting knocked out in this heat.  Hope to see you tomorrow!! 

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